Board of Directors

Dr. Jari Laukkanen

Jari Laukkanen
Dr. Jari Laukkanen is a leading Cardiologist from Jyväskylä, Finland, with skills in epidemiology, statistics, prevention, physiology and cardiology. Dr. Laukkanen has wide experience in large-scale data collection and classification of cardiovascular outcomes as well as expertise in study level and individual participant data level meta-analyses. He brings a successful clinical and cardiovascular research career, combined with research creativity and intellectual capacity to the Sauna Research Institute.

Supervisor for five completed doctoral theses 2012-2020. Seven ongoing doctoral studies.

Teaching exercise medicine and diseases, for master students since 2017. Teaching cardiology and internal medicine for medical students since 2014. Supervisor for PhD students since 2005. Teaching cardiovascular epidemiology courses since 2004. Teaching specializing doctors 2007-2017. Scientific writing of medical and PhD students 2010-2015.

A board member of the research ethics committee; since 2015 Central Finland Health Care District, Jyväskylä, Finland. European Society of Cardiology, European Association of Prevention and since 2014. Rehabilitation, EBTR working group member Finnish Cardiac Society, Prevention and Rehabilitation, a vice chairman of working group 2015-2019. Working group of guidelines for exercise-based rehabilitation, Finland 2010-2015. Several oral and poster presentations in international scientific meetings 2000-2019. European Society of Cardiology, a member since 1998 Finnish Cardiac Society, a member since 1998.

A scientific board member of Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research since 2016. Reviewer for international funding applications, Belgium, EU 2010. Reviewer for national funding applications, Switzerland 2016-2017. Working committee, Physical activity guidelines, Käypä hoito, Duodecim 2013-2015. Working committee, Cardiac rehabilitation guidelines, Duodecim 2013-2015. Exercise Testing Guidelines, Finnish Cardiac Society, as a chairman 2014-2015. Invited lectures in the annual Finnish Cardiac Society congresses 2013-2020.

Working Group Memberships

National physical activity guidelines, 2014-2016. Current care guidelines, Duodecim, Finland National cardiac rehabilitation guidelines, 2013-2015. Finnish Physiotherapy Association and Duodecim Exercise testing guidelines, Finnish Cardiac Society, a chairman 2014-2015.

Pre-examiner, Dissertation Committees, Opponent

Examiner for doctoral dissertations (6), universities in Finland 2010-2015. Examiner for docent application, University of Helsinki, Finland 2012. Dissertation committee, University of St-Etienne; France 2016 Opponent (3), University of Turku 2017-2019.

Research Steering Committee Memberships

FinnGen study; cardio-metabolic diseases expert group ( Sauna and Cardiovascular Health project; steering committee. University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences; research and development group. Central Finland Health Care District; research development committee. Central Finland Health Care District cardiac rehabilitation study project; steering committee. Invasive cardiology register study project; steering committee. 

Scientific and Societal Impact of Research

Total number of accepted or in press peer reviewed publications ~ 275, the majority of which PI is the first, second or last author.

Jon Sabes

Jon Sabes

Jon Sabes is the entrepreneurial Founder and CEO of FOXO BioScience whose chief aim is to lead the discovery, development, and integration of molecular biomarkers into the global longevity insurance markets. The same technology transforming healthcare into precision diagnostic and therapeutic medicine offers a step-change opportunity to modernize the global longevity markets with better underwriting, risk classification, and consumer health outcomes.

Prior to leading FOXO, Jon Sabes founded and led GWG Holdings, Inc. from a start-up to a NASDAQ listed company with over $1.2B in assets. Jon is a passionate health enthusiast, participating in numerous ultra-distance triathlons, trail runs, open water swimming, and biking – as well as keeping a regular sauna and cold plunge therapy as part of his training routine.

Molecular biology is the foundation of life, and Jon is focused on increasing our understanding of gene expression in order to leave a lasting positive impact on human health and wellness.

Harvey Martin, MA

Harvey Martin
Harvey Martin is the founder of The MindStrong Project & Host of The MindStrong Project Podcast which collects information from the worlds top performers. He specializes in mindset and breath-work training with players in the MLB, NHL and NFL. He has consulted at every level of College Athletics (Div. I,II,III, JUCO) and is also currently a Milwaukee Brewers Scout. Harvey has conducted numerous seminars with business organizations, athletic teams and athletes across the world optimizing human performance. 

Glenn Auerbach

Glenn Auerbach

Glenn Auerbach has been a sauna evangelist for over 30 years.  In 2008 he started, as a source for sauna building and sauna culture.  In 2016, he created Sauna Talk, the podcast about sauna and most often recorded on the sauna bench.  Glenn wrote “Sauna Build, From Start to Finnish” which includes step by step instructions for building a sauna.  He has built many saunas and has helped many hundreds build their own saunas. He is an advisor at Lamppa Manufacturing, Vice President, 612 Sauna Society, and has been the Upper Midwest Territory Manager for a division of a global food company for the past 20 years