Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

To advance the research and study of hot and cold sauna therapy and practice in order to help people live healthier and happier lives.

Sauna Research Institute (“SRI”) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to initiating studies within the environment of heat/cold exposure as well as potential ancillary environments and conditions.

We intend to engage with Universities and existing research institutions for collaborative work in the field of studies on well being based upon environmental stressors of heat/cold including, but not limited to, methods of sauna and cold plunge. We will be measuring clinical chemistries, molecular biomarkers and vital signs of participants throughout our studies, along with crafted questionnaires.

Sponsored Research

SRI will be partnering with existing Universities and Research Institutions, as well as seeking and welcoming contributions and participation from existing private and public institutions for developing research and studies in heat/cold thermogenesis. 

Goals of Sauna Research

By studying the effects of thermal exposure, the goals of our work will be to produce peer reviewed research for publication with conclusions of how different protocols and practices can affect physical and mental health and wellbeing of humans.

Key Marketing Aspects

SRI’s work seeks to aid, assist and improve the products and practices in markets including:

  • Medical technology, services, and solutions companies
  • Insurance companies and underwriters
  • Health care providers and institutions
  • Thermal consumer products manufacturers and suppliers
  • Health clubs and wellness centers