Sauna Research Catalog

Kauppinen (2006) Facts and Fables about Sauna

Sauna baths are safe for healthy individuals of all ages, including expectant mothers in uncomplicated pregnancies. They provide a cardiovascular workload similar to brisk walking and pose no circulatory risk. Stable cardiovascular patients can also safely use saunas. Essentially, if one can walk into a sauna, they can walk out. Misuse is discouraged.

Hannuksela and Ellahham (2001) Benefits and risks of sauna bathing

An exploration of sauna bathing’s effects on various health aspects, including coronary heart disease, hypertension, chronic heart failure, drug interactions, lung and rheumatic disease implications, skin and hormonal changes, fertility, pregnancy considerations, and its safety for children, while highlighting risks associated with alcohol consumption during sessions.

Sauna Papers

Endocrine Effects of Sauna Bath

Sauna bath brings about numerous acute changes in hormone levels, partly akin to other stressful situations, partly specific for sauna.