Cold exposure and hormonal secretion: A review

Contributed By: Mindstrong Harvey

mindstrong Harvey in the ice

Principal Investigators

T. Pääkkönen & J. Leppäluoto

Publishing Date




Cold exposure can have short- and/or long-term effects on hormonal secretion.

Key Insights

Cold exposure modulates unique hormone levels, which may have an impact on acute and long-term performance/well-being. Exact physical and mental performance pertaining to this information needs to be clarified. Stress levels can be modified based on exposure to the cold. Implications for training and performance need further testing.


1. Short-term cold exposure significantly increased: cortisol, aldosterone, norepinephrine, ACTH, glucagon, endothelin-I, ANP. 2. Short-term cold exposure significantly decreased: β-endorphin, GH, PRL, ADH. 3. Long-term cold exposure (seasonal) significantly increased: cortisol, aldosterone, norepinephrine in hypertensive patients, FSH, LH, TSH, insulin 4. Long-term cold exposure (seasonal) significantly decreased: Free T4, Serum T3, Free T3.

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