Sauna Research Institute announces the completion of its world headquarters


“Being close to a major international airport has always been a key motivator for us” explains Glenn Auerbach, founding board member. “We know that in order to be a collaborative organization within a very niche field, we need to be able to bring in scientists, health professionals, and interested partners from all over the world.”

View from hot room, Sauna Research Institute World Headquarters

The Sauna Research Center World Headquarters is located on Lake Minnetonka, one of the larger of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. The lake may be known for its clean water, yet it is more renowned for its stately homes and private residences, where the average home price is well into the millions.

The Sauna Research Institute at sunset

Within the shadows of these expensive properties and high priced real estate, we have been able to establish what many are calling “the most beautiful sauna in the continental United States.”

The hot room is approximately 8’x8′ and has a wood burning Kuuma stove. There is a generous sized cool down room, outfitted with extensive monitoring and diagnostic equipment.

The sizable deck has ample room for cooling down between cold lake plunges.

Throughout the facility, the Sauna Research Institute sauna has been carefully designed with a keen sense towards authenticity. Critical important sauna elements are present. These include proper ventilation, gentle flow between rooms, and at its heart, a high quality sauna stove that produces ample heat and steam. 

As colleagues and contributors get together, all the spaces within and surrounding the sauna are designed with contemplation and collaboration in mind. 

Sauna Research Institute World Headquarters

The Sauna Research Institute is excited to help advance the study of sauna, contrast therapy, thermogenesis, and biological aging. This sauna facility is an example of our commitment towards bringing together leaders in their fields for global collaborative research. 

Welcome to the Sauna Research Institute World Headquarters!

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