survey based mental health study: participants new to sauna

Sauna Research Institute

Are you fairly new to sauna?

Have you invested in your own sauna in 2020 and are now taking saunas regularly, for the first time? Researchers at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN, USA and the Sauna Research Institute are conducting a survey based study with adult participants (18+ years of age) and would like to hear from you for possible participation.

The study involves completing a weekly 10-15 minute questionnaire for 4 weeks (you will be asked to complete a total of 4 questionnaires). All responses on the questionnaires will be kept completely confidential.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please email Dr. Colin Zestcott at extended to March 1st, 2021. In subject heading, include “please add me to study.”

Thank you!

Colin A. Zestcott, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychology & Sociology

The College of St. Scholastica

Sauna Research Institute

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  1. Jim Bridgens

    I will participate if I qualify. I built a sauna in 2016, used it in 2017 and for first three months of 2017. We then took 3 years off, and did 55 Sauna’s from April to December 2020. Hope to do 100 saunas in 2021. 65 year old male.


    1. Benny Smeds

      Sounds great, can you please send an email to me , I am interested to improve the sauna culture in USA, it would kill any virus…even the worse virus ever which is fear!

      Looking forward to build a sauna village/spa around Jackson Hole, wyoming where I live now…enjoy the löyly✨🙏✨

  2. Mike Harrom

    I live in Bemidji and have been talking a regular sauna schedule this year. I have a sauna in the house. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am 45 years old.

  3. Keweenaw Yooper

    I built a new “Corona Virus killer” outdoor sauna this fall. We sauna every evening.

    Used Sauna Times downloadable plan to improve my build.

  4. Al Sunnarborg

    I built a sauna in 1993 in our home in Robbinsdale. We moved to Plymouth in 2012 and built another sauna in our present home. I take a sauna usually once or twice a week. My body tells me when I need a good hot sauna. I prefer 78°-80°.
    I grew up in Cloquet, in a Finnish household, and have been taking saunas since I was 4 yrs old. Now I’m 71.
    kiittos, Al

  5. Anonymous

    Very Exciting to get this going!

  6. Steve

    I live in New York City. I started doing occasional Native American sweat lodges in the 80’s & 90’s when it shut down I didn’t give it much thought until about 15 years ago when I started going to the 200 degree or better Russian Banya near me once or twice a year. When the virus hit and I was no longer able to go ,my friends and I constructed a 7.5 x 9.5 footer in my basement. Party On.

    1. Polina

      I’m a Russian immigrant who lives in Rhode Island. I drive to NYC to go to that bathhouse on the regular !

  7. Steve

    Sorry… Once or twice a WEEK

  8. Frank Dawson

    Will participate if you deem me qualified. I may be over qualified. I live in North Texas, but have worked for a Finnish company for 20 years and quickly embraced the Sauna Culture (hotel saunas, public saunas, company saunas, colleagues residential saunas) when ever I was in Finland. Finally, in 2017 I built a sauna next to my pool, in garden. I just completed a renovation in mid-2020. I was a M/T/Sa “saunaklubbi” regular until 2019 when my work load got very heavy. Now I am having to reassert my “sauna rights” and am trying to find my regular cadence, again.

    1. Frank

      I am a Baby Boomer, to give age bucket. My sauna is an Almost Heaven 2m, barrel sauna with an upgraded 9kW all-stainless steel Harvia “kiuas”. I etched the glass door, added fascia and a two-ply asphalt “rain hat”. My preference is a 75-80C sauna, 3x 10-min in and out sessions. I make use of a wool felt Banya style hat and have Turkish cotton seat towels. I do not have a heated pool but will cold dip before and after each sauna session, year around. Coldest it gets is around 10C pool temperature.

  9. Anonymous

    We built a “Almost Heaven” sauna kit in our back yard this summer and have been using it about two or three times a week since August. Both my husband and I are mental health professionals. I am very interested in this study, since I am contemplating integrating it into my practice.

  10. Don

    I’m here in St Paul and have a traditional Finnish sauna?

  11. Emily

    I grew up in the cities and moved to CO for college have made CO home now for 20+years. Our family built a sauna spring 2020 during our Covid shutdown. We love our sauna and use most evenings!

  12. Anonymous

    I believe I am not qualifying. I was firts time in the smoke sauna 75 years ago and after that have been
    having saunas as often as possible but minimum twice a week.
    It is difficult to find people in Finland who are new to sauna. 59 % of the Finns are having a sauna at least once a week.
    have a good löyly! Risto

  13. Brian Blom

    Greeting from Deerwood! I would be interested in participating in the study. We have an inhouse sauna with an electric stove and will sauna about 3-4 times a week.

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